Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Open Ur Eyes

Introduce to la Maher Zain..hensem rite..huhu..didn't realize him??..huhu..rajen2 kan la jari tuh..g taip n klik kat google or any other website..n search about him..find it by urself..haha..n for those dah knl die..gud gud..ngee..Teethy..don't know la nape suddenly eja nk ltk die eh pict die dlm blog eja ni kan..saje suke2..suke ati eja kan..haha..actually i wanna be a him to promote his songs for those didn't realize him..ahakz..( xle bla )..act..byk lg lagu die yg best2..but i wanna choose only one of his song..which is the most i like..Teethy

btw..have u ever heard..the song of Maher Zain - Open Your Eyes..which one??..yeah..that song..u were listening..eewW..Eyebrow's beautiful song n voice..really touched me..the best song i ever heard..i was shocked to the depth of meaning n the lyrics that he bring..huhu..this song is about miracles of Allah almighty..the only one..the creator of this universe with no partners and all the existance is under his own control..
Allah has always shown us miracles..but we always ignore them..but now it's time we get awake or else we will loose will strengthen our faith..

now..i started admire him very much..n love all his songs..n n n i will waiting to hear more of his songs in future..ahakz..Rocking Happy

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